2015 Web Design Trends

The first quarter of 2015 flew by and it looks like industry pundits were right about some of the web design trends for the year. Mostly, they were right about the recurrence of dynamic backgrounds, tiled design, responsive design and scrolling—lots of scrolling.

Let’s delve into some of the developments for these hot favorites in greater detail:

1. Larger than Life
This visual treat for the eyes remains popular in 2015 as mobile browsing continues to rise at a steady rate worldwide. From static 2D images that run the gamut from sweeping images of Nature to dynamic video backgrounds and 3D images, several websites have embraced the trend with open arms. Beyond full-screen visuals, web designers are now introducing interactive elements into the mix to keep things interesting.

2. Responsive Design
A seamless user experience ranks high for many clients and responsive design is the way to go. Instead of creating separate sites just for mobile devices, an increasing number of clients have turned to crafting sites that already provide an optimal viewing experience across platforms. 2015 is all about making the switch to this approach, as several enterprises continue to catch on.

3. Wonder Grid
As the saying goes, “everything has its place”. Grids are a proven means of organizing information effectively while offering the beauty of a ‘bird’s eye view’. Think of it as organized chaos. Web designers are employing grids layouts aka tiled designs to offer variety and dynamism through fluid grids. Everything may have its place, but content isn’t dead. Spice things up with videos, live streaming, typefaces and more. It’s all about tasteful juxtaposition.

4. Clicking is passé
From animated to modular and parallax scrolling, scrolling is fast-becoming a staple for new websites. It’s only a matter of time before scrolling supersedes clicking entirely. Especially with the soaring popularity of one-page designs, web designers are hard-pressed to employ various scrolling techniques subtly yet effectively to enhance the user experience—without the dizzying side effects.

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