Design Principles of Web Design

There are several factors that affect website usability, and it is not just about aesthetics, but also function. Websites that have poor design tend to perform poorly on SEO (e.g. low time on site, low page visits, and high bounc rates). So what makes good web design? At DSGNLAB, we believe in the following:

1.  GOAL Great web design caters to the need of the users. Each page on your website has a clear purpose and fulfils a specific need. A good mix of information, entertainment, and interaction will help users navigate your website in the most effective way.

2. COMMUNICATION Information that is easily available and clear allows your message to be conveyed properly to your users. If you want people to understand the intent of your website, use the following tactics in your web design: use headlines and sub-headlines, use bullet points, use visuals.

3. IMAGES Having the right images will help you better connect with your audience and improve brand positioning. People hate lengthy paragraphs and long sentences. So consider using infographics, videos, and graphics to better communicate. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words.

4. MOBILE In the age of smartphones and tablets, people are constantly using mobiles phones to surf the web. Hence, it is important to consider your website mobile friendly. There is two ways to do it: A responsive design or a dedicated mobile site. Either way, both options will help your website to be more engaging and useful.

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