To CMS or not?

A content management system (CMS) is used to organise and facilitate collaborative digital content creation. It is a software that tracks every piece of content on your website, much like a local public library, which keeps track of books and stores them. #CMS systems are great, however, building a CMS takes time and money. Marketers, designers, clients, and developers each have different needs. So when do you CMS?

Consider the following Four Questions Before Committing to CMS

1. Cookie cutter or Bespoke? This question should be in everyone’s head when considering a website. When you are committing to a CMS, your content must fit into a standardised frame-work. There is only a fix number of functions and a consistent workflow that you adhere to—everything is perfect and looks good. However, if you are looking for something unique.. you might just find yourself pouring a ton of money into development and customisation. Regardless of the CMS, custom work will always require a developer. Would you pay more to tailor a suit from JC Penny’s or something that’s fitting from Brooks Brothers?

2. Content, Content, Content…Are you a serial blogger or someone who pushes out content frequently? If the answer is yes, you might want a CMS that allows you to easily add new entries. Using a CMS saves you time and effort, and you no longer need to dive through HTML or CSS to make code changes. Here is a quick checklist: You may need a CMS if…

  • you have a massive content management team and want a constant workflow
  • you are running a blog or gallery
  • you require extensive localization and multiple languages

3. Do I have the moolah? A huge expenditure is required to customize an existing CMS platform into something you like. Additionally, you are going to end up training everyone on a customized tool that may not benefit everyone. Training costs are going to be high, and employees are not going to be thrilled about learning new skills that are relevant to future work.

4. An ongoing maintenance…A CMS has ongoing costs as well. Now that your site is run by a system, you are stuck with it. If changes are needed to meet new business requirements, you would need to hack its architecture. If the original designs and existing templates or functionality does not do you justice, you would need to bring in a developer for simple tweaks.

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