4 Reasons Why Ruby on Rails Is Better For Web Development Over PHP

PHP or Ruby on Rails (RoR) – a question that’s plagued developers and businesses in recent years, though the tide is definitely turning in favour of RoR. Even though some major websites run on PHP (CMS platforms like Joomla! and Wordpress). So what’s the deal?

Ruby on Rails is superior in many ways that it will make PHP sound like the programming relic, COBOL . Instead, we are going to give you 4 top reasons why RoR is the superior solution for 2015 and beyond.

Mature Framework

Ruby is a lot easier to push a high-end product online quickly and efficiently. Also, it beats PHP in its capability to support maintainable solutions that are build on solid code. This means you can get your hands on open source freebies that are extremely powerful; think Ruby on Rails, Lotus, and Padrino. You’ll be surprised how easy you can get on things that have already been built with a community. Lastly, it does shave off a decent amount of initial costs.

PHP Is Not Developer Friendly

Developers find PHP frustrating to use. The reality is that most web developers prefer using Ruby on Rails these days. It is not just a matter of what’s ‘hot’ right now. Ruby on Rails is superior and developers are making that clear by ditching PHP and switching over in droves.

PHP Allows Bad Coding

The problems with PHP crop up when you need to make alterations, when random bugs are caught, or when the project needs to be scaled or added to. Your system or website gets expensive and time consuming. 

Ruby on Rails, on the other hand, makes it much harder to write bad code. This means that the chances of making your website being mess are minimised. While we’re not saying it’s impossible to write good code with PHP, it does let quite a lot of terrible samples through the door.


Ten years ago, PHP was the go-to language for web projects, whereby almost every cutting-edge start-up used PHP to power its website. However, this is not 2004 anymore. The language has since stagnated with minimum support, and is no longer the ideal language for innovative technologists. If you want to be involved with the most advanced features and open-source code that is truly revolutionary, then Ruby on Rails is the way to go.

We are re not saying that you should opt for Ruby on Rails because it’s ‘hip’. Rather, there is an obvious market shift that is reflecting the reality of the benefits of RoR over PHP. We expect this trend to continue in the coming years – there’s no reason not to jump on the bandwagon.


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